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The local school district here runs like a real business. The results are spectacular.
Statewide standardized testing consistently ranks the school district at the top. They are financially stable and are able to attract the best teachers in the metro Denver area.

When the district successfully eliminated the teacher unions, they were able to make meaningful changes, all with the goal of increasing the quality of student education.

Unlike some public sector budgets, Douglas County Schools do not have a “use it or lose it” budget.  Individual schools have the flexibility to spend money where and when they deem appropriate rather. If they don’t use all the funds during a calendar year, they are able to carry it over to the next year.

“In our district, the budget-holder can keep his/her budgeted but unspent money year over year.  They have the option to save for a large, one-time purchase,” said Douglas County Schools Superintendent Liz Fagen. 

Parents have been very involved and have initiated grass roots programs including Great Choice Colorado . All meetings are open to everyone, including live streaming.

The district has opened new and innovative charter schools in Castle Rock including Academy Charter School, Aspen View Academy and World Compass Academy just to name a few. All charter schools can be found on the Douglas County Schools site above. 

You will find no other public school district with the foresight and raw determination to create the schools of tomorrow; financially sound with no teacher union influences. Students are the main stakeholders here!

Louie Lee on Douglas County Schools


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